Thursday, May 29, 2008

Week 5 Day 3 or should I say...

Day 2, since yesterday was canceled.

ST went okay today.

I had to wake Zach from his nap to leave and he wasn't very happy. The best thing was the therapy place was soooooo very quiet. I thought "Great! Zach is going to have a good session!" Nope he was quiet for the first 5-10 minutes, not even a grunt out of him. He was hard to work with today but by the end was having fun.

I had found a water gun and the game was if Zach could say "wa-wa" I could squirt him. He knows the sign but never attempts the sound - today he had to or no fun ;-) YEAH Zachary - he did it over and over until we realized he was stuck on it. BUT I was doing the happy dance - new sound!!!!!! Not that we have heard the "na" again, but "wa-wa" will be much easier to incorporate into daily life the "na". Now I have something I can make him say all the time because "wa-wa" is one of the only things he likes to drink right now.

OT went rather well today. Ms. Jerry-Anne did a lot of compression work with him today , which he seemed to tolerate. He did some climbing, and sliding, some bouncing on a ball, rolling over a ball to use his upper arms (since they are very weak), some rocking - he started out fine but that didn't last very long, and some making noise with instruments - he seemed fine with this as long as he was the one making the noise. She had the therapeutic listening program on as we walked into the room - I swear he is doing so well with the music - I can't wait to get my hands on a copy so I start using it as part of his sensory diet at home.

Now, to prepare mentally for tomorrow - we need to be at the hospital by 9am and I have no idea how long we will be there but I do know I can't give Zach any food or drink until we are done with his UGI. Tomorrow will be one more challenging day to add to our mix.

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KoriG said...

Yay for a good therapy day!
Only a couple more weeks and he's gonna have to say "wa-wa" to me in the pool!
Good luck tomorrow!
I love you!