Saturday, May 10, 2008

Spoke Too Fast....

Guess I spoke too fast about how good this weekend would be........

Last night Zach laid down for a nap and when he woke up there was vomit everywhere. I thought just maybe, that he had gotten into some pudding Zoe had eaten and that he had a reaction. As he had no fever or anything else going on. Well......I must have been wrong because this morning when he woke up --- vomit all over....again! This poor kid!!! I swear he can't catch a break! Now Mommy has to put him on the scale - which he hates - to make sure he isn't loosing weight again. Zach can't afford to loose any weight! I'm a wreck!

To top it all off - Zach has been getting worse with the SPD. He just isn't there like he was even last week he seemed better - he has been all out of sorts. He won't hardly go to Doug and if he is with me he won't look at me. With Zoe, forget it, every little thing she does is making him scream, look away, and not want to be around her. He is fighting me with his brushing, and compressions like you wouldn't believe! I have to admit I'm really bad at fighting back with him trying to get it done, I do what I can. He seems to be disappearing from us.

OH well, one of these weekends will be better ;-)

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KoriG said...

I'm so sorry you are having another sucky weekend!! Sick kids are the pits.
As for the compressions and brushing...FIGHT HIM! You're the momma, it's amazing what it will do.
Make him do it...even if he doesn't want it. It'll be worth the fight in the long run hon!