Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ST Week 3 Day 2: Meet Kristin....

Meet Ms. Kristin! It is so hard to get a kid to look at a camera these days - of course tell him he can look afterwards and he won't stop reaching for the camera!
ST went well today... After being such a rough morning it was good to see how well Zachary adapted to being at ST.
He was overly excited to leave the house today and see Ms. Kristin. They played and played - Zach didn't hurt her once today. Even though Ms Kristin forgot he was one of her sensory kids and she picked him up, moved him over, and tried to do that jump lift thingy people do with little kids. Zach screamed bloody murder, but once he came to me for a hug was all calmed down again and went right back to playing with her.
My favorite part of today was Zach telling Ms Kristin "shh" with his finger over his mouth - she would talk quiet then get loud again and he would "shh" her all over again.
Kori had given me an idea for making a book to help Zach transition to each part of his day. Today I remembered and brought my camera to his session. I know these aren't the best pictures, but they are something for now. I'm bringing my camera back tomorrow to see if I can get some of them in action. Jerry-Anne will also be back so I want to get her picture as well.
I'm so relieved today is going so much better then the last couple of days.

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KoriG said...

Hi Mrs. Kristin!!
Nice to see her with Zach. Glad you're doing the book too.
What a cool thing...glad I heard about it at that workshop!

Oh...and I can't WAIT for Zach to shhhhush me! LOL