Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Week 4: Day 2 of Therapy

Happy Hump Day! I can't believe it is the middle of the week already...

I'm having such a good morning...Zachary didn't vomit for the second day in a row - YIPPEE to no morning laundry ;-) I spoke with the pediatrician yesterday and she thinks the extra fluids that he received could have helped with some levels that may have been off for Zachary and put him back on track, hence no more vomit. We will see, I want to give it a couple days and keep my fingers crossed the IV fluids weren't just some temporary fix.

I didn't have time yesterday to update about ST.... it went really well. As Ms. Kristin said "Zach is really wound up" He was bouncing off the walls hyper. I think it was the extra fluids. He redirected a TON, even before things were getting too hard. So Ms. Kristin and Zach went under a table - I have never seen him focus for so long. She told me a lot of kids with sensory issues are better in smaller spaces. This really proved true for Zach yesterday! They also played a game called "Farm Families" Zach loved it - too bad I can't find it anywhere, it is an old game. It has little figures of different farm animals and you place them on a stand and the stand sings a little song and the animal makes their sound. Zachary thought it was funny.

We have ST today as well - I sure hope it goes as good as yesterday!

ETA: ST went REALLY well today.. Zach worked on his "B" sounds and even worked on getting some "P" sounds out too. We found out that this child LOVES bubble (even if he can't tell us) He stood shaking with excitement. And thanks to Kori now we've even added a new sign to his vocabulary -- YEP "Bubbles"

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KoriG said...

Awesome news about therapy being good!
Maybe he had an electrolite thing going on and the fluids straightened him out...oh, if only it's that simple!
Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

Under the table! I never thought of it...though I should have, I always have kids under tables and especially my's dark under there! LOL