Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Week 11: and We're Off......

To a really good start!

Today's sessions went very well. It started by Ms. Jerry meeting us in the lobby holding a weighted vest. She had never tried this before on Zach because he is so small, she wasn't sure she could get it to stay on him, and the weight has to be so very little (weights can be no more the 10% of the child's weight - Zach isn't even 20lbs). As she was putting it on she was telling me she was trying it because we were going into the dreaded "BIG yellow room" - where we have never had a successful therapy session. It was the only room open so we had no choice.

I swear this was one magical vest! Ms Jerry put it on over Zach's head, yes, it was big but it didn't seem to bother him in the least. I didn't see him fuss with the vest on even one time. Zachary took Ms. Jerry's hand as she headed us down the hall into "the BIG yellow room". Little man had such a wonderful smile on his face! He climbed right up onto the blue mat table and let me brush him, and try something new. Zach is now getting his mouth brushed (not teeth - he does that daily ;-) but the roof of his mouth. He normally doesn't like anything in his mouth but food. Ms. Jerry gave him some green tubing for him to chew and he seemed to really like it. I also had to use a massaging brush with a vibrator in his mouth since he bit my thumb. Now I need to go out and find one for him.

After a successful OT session of Zach doing his tasks and staying focused on them it was time for ST...

A good session there too and this time with an added element - we were still in "the BIG yellow room" and during this session another child had to use it with her therapist as well (told you it was big) This particular girl cries a lot and normally when Zach sees/hears her he turns off. Not today, today he put some focus on her but not for very long and went right back to what he was doing (play-doh). ST went so well - the best part of it all was his focus!

Go little man GO!!!!!

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KoriG said...

Yay for a good day of therapy!