Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Doctor

New DoctorThis morning was a new adventure for us. Doug, Zach, and I met Zach's newest doctor....a psychologist.

She seems rather nice and knowledgeable. She specializes in young children with feeding issues, feeding tubes, medical conditions, anxiety. That is all a big plus, especially in a case like Zachary's.

Today was just getting to know all about Zach and his situation. Doug and I go back alone next week to discuss the "plan of action". I am very interested to hear what she thinks. We touched base on a lot of information and she said "there sure is a lot to his case, this is a very complicated case" No kidding -- that is why we are here.

To Doug and I this is more so just another opinion on our son. Also, hopefully, a way to learn more about coping with him and to help him learn to cope better with his issues. We talked a lot about his anxiety and his social communication issues, selective mutism, autism characteristics, his new voices, so many different things. Doug and I went in with a long list of what we wanted to discuss with her and I believe we were able to get threw 95% of it in 2 hours. I had a video I wanted to show her but we ran out of time. That is okay I'll remember for next week.

Zachary did well...he played with some toys as we talked and stayed to himself not interrupting us at all. He was able to speak with her at the very end of the appointment....to which she said "that is good, but I am unsure he realized he was talking with me"

I guess we just wait until next week....she is going to print off questioners to give to us and his teachers for more information on Zach. It should be rather interesting the next couple of weeks.

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