Monday, January 18, 2010


Sunday 1/17/10

Normal (NEW) dose: Dose 300ml Rate 300ml/hr so in a full day he should receive 900ml of food via his pump - this is 100% of his daily calorie intake.

7:55am "off pump, tummy hurt"
160ml -- flushed 20ml H2O

9:15am BM slightly solid, with mush, with liquid

9:30am re-start pump
140ml -- flushed 20ml H2O
when asked how tummy feels "good"

Refused pump - ate banana

190ml -- flushed 20ml H2O
"tummy hurts"

5:30pm BM mush with liquid soaked in diaper


I was able to talk with his dietitian first thing this morning and we've decided to try changing things around a bit. Dose 300ml Rate 190ml/hr --- this now means his pump will be on for a little longer then 1 1/2 hours.

Monday 1/18/10

9:30am ran all 300ml --- by the end his tummy hurt but he was able to take it all.

Hopefully this will work or we will slow the rate more. He needs the dose...but we may have to adjust how he gets the full 900ml in a day.

We see the GI on Thursday and the dietitian said she is interested to see what his next step will be.

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