Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An Allergy Update

The allergist appointment went well. I've never had a doctor I like so much. He honestly has to be one of the most compassionate, caring, competent doctors we've met on this journey with Zach (although we've know this doctor since Zoe was a year old) Still...he is an amazing one of a kind doctor! Yes I can't say enough good things about him.

So the bad first....Zachary's test was miserable! This is the first time EVER he did not shut completely down during a test. Instead he cried and cried and screamed and screamed. He started to turn blue and shake a bit but this was not a seizure like we've seen in the past, at least I don't think it was. I blew on Zach's back to calm him, but that didn't really work. Seeing him this way really was a toss up....but I'm thinking I prefer the total body shut downs opposed to this.

The test results....12 pricks and only 2 positives. Milk even though this child has avoided it like the plague came back worse then it ever has :( not a good sign. For the first time ever on a skin prick eggs also came back positive :( Everything else was fine. We talked about the patch test he had done in April 2009 and the results and how they differ from the prick test. He will not put Zach threw another patch test for a year from the first one and he is thinking lets avoid doing the patch test all together - considering that Zachary reacts to every food that goes into his system anyway, there is just no sense in making him suffer threw another 72 hour test - at this point.

The bad....I had an hour long talk about Zach and his situation right now. Dr J is also thinking we are onto something checking for mito with much so..........

It brings me to the good....He actually called the doctor up in Atlanta while I was there to see what he can do to speed up getting us up there to see him WOW - that just blew me away, here is this doctor who cares so much about my son........which brings me back to....

The bad....only ones who can move this forward are myself and Zach's pediatrician....

The good....she and I both are doing all we can to get us up there as soon as possible.

More news to follow as it comes in :)

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