Saturday, September 26, 2009

Well We Have....

Yet another issue on our plate, and as simple as it is....I'm just having a rough time.

Zach's appointment with the ophthalmologist was yesterday and it went okay. We went in he looked him over briefly and said "Everything looks good from here but it is best I get a better look" so the nurse came in and gave him the drops to dilate his eyes. Zach handled it like a tears, no fussing....he was just Zach. I really need to start getting pictures, the surprised look in the nurses eyes are always priceless followed by "WOW I've never seen a kid react this way!"

We waited the 30 minutes+ to be seen again.

Zach went back and they stopped at a machine to look in his eyes.....he was good and did what he was told.

Then when they took us back into the exam room he sat in the big chair all by himself. They put silly looking glasses on his face. I've been to this same doctor 2x a year for the past 5 years with Zoe and have never seen these. That was when I knew something was going on.

The doctor came in and I felt bad for him......he seemed like he was having a hard time telling me something was a miss with Zach's eyes because of all the rest of what we deal with, he didn't want to add stress.

The good news....his eyes look fine.

The bad the past year (Zach saw him Aug 2008) his right eye has developed a pretty bad astigmatism. Zach now must wear glasses so he doesn't get lazy eye.

Glasses are truly no big deal. We went and picked out his frames, they'll be ready in a week to two.

I know this is no biggie and so many people have this and wear glasses (heck I had glasses for years before I had Lasik) I just feel like so much is happening all these things just feel like they are piling on me.

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~Emily said...

HUGS! I'm so sorry you have to deal with all of this. Seriously, you need a break!