Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Little Dose of Happy

I'm thinking I need a little pick me up today....a little reminder of all the good things.

I'll start with Zoe....

Zoe is doing GREAT in school - although she likes to tell me it is boring, she is excelling in all areas. She was put in the highest reading and math groups in her classroom.

She received her interim this past week and it was all positive -- this is what Zoe's teacher had to say.... "Zoe has had a great start to First Grade! She continues to progress in reading, math, writing, and social studies. Zoe puts in a lot of effort to her work and completes all of her assignments on time. She is a delight to have in class. Zoe always has a smile on her face. I can hardly wait to see how well she does during the remainder of the school year."

This week in her Tuesday folder were tests from the week before and no surprise there she had 2 math tests both with 100% and another spelling test with 100%. So far she has had 6 tests and all six have had the same grade 100%. I know it is first grade but I sure hope she keeps it up and enjoys learning. The smile on her face when she shows me the tests is priceless - she beams with pride.

Also this week Zoe was Soaring Student of the week. This was the first week of the school year for student of the week. Every week the school will recognize Soaring Students. Today she gets her certificate and is happy to be on the school news for all to see.

ONTO Zachary....

He LOVES school! I'm always hearing about his teachers these days :)

Health seems to finally be on track and I couldn't be happier. There is little worry these days, his g-tube is helping him far beyond where I thought it would!

ST, I'm not to sure how it is going in school BUT private therapy is going GREAT. He has so many more words and sounds. He struggles at times where his SPD kicks in and he is becoming much more of an articulation kid but to think of where he started this journey -- it is just amazing to me his progress!!!!

OT, of course this is going well. Zach still has a very long way to go but again to think of where he started to where he is now --- it is like I'm living in a dream!!!

There it is my little dose of happy for the day :)

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