Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Week 9

It is so hard to believe that two months of therapy have flown by!

Yesterday was good! In OT Zach was doing all sorts of things he hasn't done before and it is so wonderful to watch - as I know it is work but he thinks it is all play. ST didn't go as well, Zach wanted nothing to do with the work Ms. Kristin was trying to get him to do. He had absolutely NO eye contact with her, Zoe, or I and was all over the place. Ms. Kristin and I were trying to figure out if something Ms. Jerry did in OT was affecting how he was doing with ST yesterday. We've never hit this kind of wall before. It was to the point that Ms. Kristin had to step up and be very stern with Zachary. WOW - mommy didn't like someone else talking to my kid that way - Sophie on the other hand knew she was doing her job and doing it right!

Let's wait and see what the next 3 days have in store for us....

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KoriG said...

The sounds he is using and the new inflection in his voice is amazing me lately!
He's doing so awesome!
How odd that he had such an off day in speech!
Hope he's better today!