Monday, June 23, 2008


This weekend really flew by.....

It was a fun weekend - filled with lots of rest, just what we all needed.

Friday night we were able to spend some much needed adult time with our friends Jen and Alan. Mommy and Daddy were able to enjoy good conversation, some yummy food and drinks, and some really fun games of Catch Phrase and Trivia Pursuit ;-) Don't worry the kids weren't too far behind - Olivia and Zoe played without any "Mom, she's doing this, that or the other thing" and stayed up way too late. Janie (who is only 3 days older then Zach) and Zachary also seemed to have a great time with one another - they actually interacted - anyone reading this knows that is a HUGE step for little Zach! The babies (man really I shouldn't say that anymore - they are toddlers after all) got to go to bad at a normal time thanks to a crib and a pack n play. Thanks guys - as you both know we really needed that night!!!!!!!

Saturday was quite a day - since we were up so late, I'm not even sure how we all managed to roll out of bed. Somehow we did, Doug made a yummy breakfast for all of us, then it was off to the gym, and straight to Costco. Wouldn't you know -we run smack dab into Jen, Alan, and their girls - nothing like four parents trying to get errands done and over with with 4 little crabby kids (well the older girls were the crabs mainly) --- PRICELESS! I swear every time lately we go to Costco, we leave and it starts storming. This time it wasn't right over head but down at our house. The rest of the day was spent inside staying out of the storms.

Sunday was another restful day, avoiding storms ---- so much for the "Sunshine State" I shouldn't complain, we really do need all this rain.

Now it is on to our week......Can't wait to see what is to come!

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Jessica said...

Don't you just love adult time! I wish we had it more often here.