Thursday, June 12, 2008

Week 7: WOW!!!!!!!!

WOW!!! Just WOW!!!

What a change one day can make......

Zach had an amazing day (well after the test). Therapy went super good!!! I can't even put it all into words -- only WOW!!! We were at therapy for an hour and a half, right from there we had to get Zoe to dance.

ST (1/2 hour) - he was all over the place, a wild man, sounds were flying out of his mouth, for the first time ever he took a cow (puzzle piece) and walked it around the room (like the cow was walking) and he was just babbling away - WOW!!

OT (full hour) Zach was still a little wild man, he accomplished so much - the biggest thing for him was the swing (it is a fabric swing that he gets wrapped into - like he is back in the womb) for the first time EVER he wanted more, more, more ( - WOW!!

Then came dance, I've never seen Zach like this - EVER - he was extremely social, not just with the few Mom's he is comfortable with, but every single person in the waiting room (which was more then normal today) - he kept throwing a little pom-pom ball at everyone and giggling -WOW!!!

My son was AMAZING today - such a wonderful change is beginning to occur!

OH and did I mention - another word -------- "MORE", before he could sign it and kind-of, sometimes get "moe" out of his mouth but today we got a full out "more" - you have to listen really closely to him say it because the ending doesn't come out too clearly. To help you understand how he sounds - If you've ever heard a deaf person talk - that is exactly how it came out - think, Marlee Matlin. Now hopefully he will start to say it on his own, not just being a parrot. He didn't say it on his own but he was able to mimic Ms. Kristin and myself more then just his normal mimic of "moe" WOW!!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!!

WOW ---- "Buh-Bye"


KoriG said...

You rock Soph! This progress is all you and the early intervention you have gotten him!!

Mooooo....I can just see him walking the cow around the room.


Jessica said...

What awesome news! First comes the echolalia and then comes spontaneous words. Zach is well on his way. Way to go! Keep up the work, it's so worth it.