Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I received a call today from Zoe's hematologist and the news was "Zoe's appointment has been canceled BECAUSE...............(drum roll please..........) her WBC count is up, her neutrophils are up!"

The doctor believes what we were seeing was a virus, on top of a virus, on top of virus. I've never been so happy to hear my child has a virus - EVER! There is no need to go back for another test and definitely NO NEED for a bone marrow biopsy!

I went outside and danced in the rain with Zoe swinging her in huge circles hugging her and crying tears of joy. My baby girl is going to be just was just multiple viruses making everyone nervous. I'm just so happy to say NOTHING is wrong!!!!!!!!!


Annette said...

Wow! That is wonderful news!

KoriG said...

Oh my gosh! That is AWESOME news!!!
I've been thinking of you a ton!
Anthony is off this week....doing the family thing. We HAVE to get together soon though!