Friday, July 24, 2009

3 More Days to Go

I am so happy the weekend is here.....You know when you wait for things and are anxious for them to happen they seem to come to you slower - NOT in this case I would say time is going at the right speed for me. Definitely not too fast and not too slow.

I have one last piece of paper work to pick up today, a letter from Ms. Kristin. Zach is now voicing ( T and he wasn't 3 months ago so his SLP is writing al letter stating that this wasn't happening 3 months ago when she did the evaluation but is now an everyday occurrence we have not been able to repair. Voicing is hard for Zach he also voices P and has never been able to use it......P is one of the first developing sounds - so it is a major concern that Zach at almost 3 still does not have that sound.

This is the chart they use to decide if your child has an articulation problem -- the child must be a year behind in 3 sounds ---- Zach is behind so according to this alone he will be granted an SLP in the schools.

In the initial position Zach does not use p in the medial he does not use m or n right and in the final he does not us m --- that is 4 letters a year behind he will be 3 in Sept BUT does not use any of the initial sounds for a 3 year old, none of the medial, and only a few of the final.

I am still filled with plenty of nerves over this whole process but I hoping it will all go smoothly and that the next 3 days come and go quickly.

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