Sunday, July 12, 2009

15 Days To Go

Today is Sunday July 12th and we have 15 more days in our countdown.

Just a quick little update about what is going on around here.........

Zoe....has yet another virus.
Zachary.....also has a virus.
Mommy......yep, you've guessed it....has the same virus.
Daddy....well, Daddy is a lucky man because so far he has managed to escape the claws of this nasty virus.

This all started out on Thursday night. It seems it is coming and going, vomiting, diarrhea....just plan out feeling yucky for the three of us. None of us have had a fever, which I'm finding a little odd.

Zachary is having a rough time...he is not able to get on his pump, and you can tell he is losing weight. I will take him in tomorrow for a quick check on that. Zoe is doing better but for a really sore tummy. Mommy is feeling much. much better then the other the good news is that this virus may be on the mend. Let's hope so....we want it out of this house so we can enjoy our visit with Grandma and Pada the next couple of weeks.

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