Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Little Piece of Art

Zoe, Zachary, & Mommy Go To the Pool

Today at OT was a fun day. Zach did most of his work when it was time to get ready for PT...which was the most fun ever because we spent the hour of PT that is normally spent cooped up indoors at the pool.
Zach's OT (Ms. Jerry) had written out as part of his plan working on coloring and drawing skills as one of the many things to work on today. So, after Zach took his clothes off and put on his bathing suit in anticipation of swimming (and also working on his dressing skills) she thought she would have him make a picture of Zoe, Zachary, & Mommy at the pool.
In all fairness this was not just done by him.....
Ms. Jerry was a big part in getting this picture made. The sun, the outline of the pool, the red face, the fish, the circle of the lone face (that is me -- Mommy), and the green lines in the pool - all done by her.
Zach also took a major role in this masterpiece!
It was him who colored the sun in (and out), it was him who put the water in and out of the pool, it was him who attempted to make faces on Mommy and Zoe. Although Ms. Jerry had to (at points) hold his hand to help him move it, like while making the smile on Mommy's face, or while making the first couple of lines of water.
Even though Zach is behind on his skills and as hard as that is to watch....he will never fail to put a smile on his Mommy's face!!
I Love You Zachary, thanks for the great masterpiece!

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The Precious aKmaL said...

Hi Life's Struggles,

You have an inspiring blog. A little piece of art makes peace to our heart. I definitely will revisit you. Hv a pleasant day ahead.

Warmest regards,
Precious aKmal