Friday, March 6, 2009


This was Zachary's second EEG that has been ran. That last was about a year ago.

Yesterday started off smoothly with Zach being very cooperative in getting all the electrodes hooked to his head. It looked as if it was going to continue that way when the lights were turned down he quickly started resting and feel asleep - about 10 minutes into his sleep something happened and he started crying from there out it Zach was in and out of it for the test. Then came the strobe light right above his little face - I've never seen him hold his eyes closed so tight, this part of the test was about five mutes long. Then he was done, he sat up like a champ waiting for the electrodes to come off his head and his hair to get cleaned. As we were walking out of the hospital he looked like a mad man - like his finger was put in the electrical outlet while visiting the hospital.

Now we wait...............


Annette said...

How soon do you find out the results?

Sophie said...

Hi Annette!
Hopefully at 3pm I'll be finding out something. The ped called and they got the prelim report in and she wanted me to come talk about it.
I also have a call into his Neuro - so hopefully between the 2 Docs I will have answers def today!