Monday, March 9, 2009

EEG Update

I should have been on here sooner as we received news about the seizures on Friday. Thing have been crazy ever since.

The EEG showed spikes.

I am taking Zachary to the neurologist Tuesday morning first thing. I'm a little upset with this because we will not be seeing the doctor but his ARNP (his first available appointment was not until June/July) -- the last time we saw her she walked in didn't shut the door yet, didn't even look at Zach yet and said "you aren't going to find answers here" Right there was a huge sign to me me about her. I just don't see why you take a kid like Zach who with his developmental delays...right there is a sign he has neurological issues and you totally dismiss him without a second glance! I don't think I had ever been so hurt at an appointment before that or after.

Saturday Zachary had another seizure this time it was followed by vomiting. This episode now makes the 4th one in two weeks.


Annette said...

Oh, another seizure...ugh! His little body must be so tired. I know after Meghan's seizures they said it was like she ran a marathon...exhausted!

I hope this apt goes better for you and Zach!

Irene said...

Hi sophie, just wanna say hi, Im thinking of you today. I hope everything went well with Zach's appt. ((HUGS))!