Sunday, September 21, 2008


It never ceases to amaze me at how fast the weekends fly by! This one was no exception....

It wasn't the best of our weekends, but it was a nice weekend.

Since it is the end that means the beginning of a new week is coming, that means......

I will be waiting on pins and needles to hear from the Dr. I'm hoping for good news --- a test that says "NO MD"

Not only are we waiting for that test to come back but we will also be hearing from Zach's SLP how his test went that he took last week.

It also means our 2 week wait is coming to an end, we will be headed to the DP on Thursday for his answers on what is wrong with Zachary.

It also means another crazy week filled with therapy.

Added to the excitement of the week is Zoe's 2 days of dance. We are still not in a grove from having a nice break over the summer.

Also curriculum chat for Zoe's kindergarten class.

So our week looks a little like this...
Monday - waiting for news, curriculum chat
Tuesday - OT, PT, ST, dance, more waiting
Wednesday - OT, ST, more waiting
Thursday - ST, DP appointment, dance, more waiting
Friday - nothing (for now) YIPPEE, hopefully the waiting will be done by this time ;-)

It will be great if this week is filled with GOOD news!

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