Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We Will Get By

Today was a day I remembered how hard things can be.

It all started out fine until we were at therapy. I remembered just how hard it was to get Zachary into OT and ST and now we are faced with the fight to get him into PT which he needs so badly. At first we were told the OT needed to send a letter, she did that a week later Early Steps responds back with a letter stying that the OT needs to call while the parent is there. Ms Jerry called 4 times while I was there only to reach a voice mail and leave a message each time. She will try again tomorrow - if we are able to make it to therapy, the storm is making it look like a lot will be canceled tomorrow. Other then that OT went rather well, a very pleasant surprise.

ST on the other hand was the BIG reminder for me! Zachary used an AAC devise today. Ms Kristin wanted him to use it because his speech just isn't where she is happy yet and she wanted to see how well he does with the AAC....

Zach didn't find it as interesting as many of the kids do. He wasn't interested in touching it too much. Using the AAC also brought to light what I have been saying this whole time - there are more things Zach can't do that simply don't make sense to me... He is going to be 2 in a month and has the hardest time identifying objects, or pictures. It is hard for Zach when we use his PECS and just as bad with the AAC. I told her again it is the same when we read in a book or anytime I want him to point to anything. Give Zach a Dog, a Cat, and a Fish -- I swear he know what they all are but ask him to grab the Dog out of the group and he'll hand you a Fish.

You know, I sit at home, I worry so much, I cry so much, I try so hard to be a strong Mommy - Today was a day that reminded me why I worry, what makes me sad. I know at home he can't do this, but when I see it happen in therapy it just reminds me of his struggles that we are trying so very hard to help him overcome. It hurts so bad to see the struggle when all you want to see is a 2 year old that can do what all of his peers are doing.

Today I was reminded of Zach's struggles, but I was also reminded that my little man can do it and will do it - he will get by even if it is at a different pace then I'd like to see!

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