Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Amazing! Simply Amazing!

I'm going to talk therapy for a bit as right now I am AMAZED at some progress Zachary has made!!!!

Zach has been in OT and ST for just about 5 months - next month (month 6) is when he is due for his re-evaluation. Ms. Kristin will not be here (she is having a baby) so she has decided to start the evaluation early.

Today was the start of the testing. First step comprehension........

Ms. Kristin didn't think he would go so far so she had to stop in the middle and print out more sheets for herself. The test isn't done, we didn't have time to finish it - as Zach went further then expected (the more the child does the longer the test)

My sweet child, the one who walked into therapy 5 months ago having a comprehension level less then his age at the time - Zach was 18 months old and had a comprehension level of less then a 12 month old child.

I am happy to say that as of today - 5 months after the start of therapy Zachary is comprehending that of a 3 1/2 year old --- now I have to remember the test isn't done so that may go up or stay the same. Zach is 3 weeks away from turning 2 and is comprehending at a level a year and a half above where he should be at.

I also need to remember, I should never think of what he can't do and focus on what he can as it is truly amazing!

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