Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ST First Week

We are back from ST....

I'd say the therapy went pretty well. There were no balls thrown at Ms. Kristin's face, and no tantrums. This is a giant step in the right direction!

I have no experience with any type of therapy besides PT when I was younger from an old shoulder problem. I guess I really didn't know what I should be expecting. Kori did tell me, but I think I shrugged it off a little ;-) It seems like he was having a lot of fun - a lot of play, a lot of ASL (American Sign Language), really nothing we don't do at home.

So, this leaves me with some questions - What is Ms Kristin going to accomplish in 2 days a week for however long this takes that I haven't with Zach in about 575 days of him being alive? What makes this so much different then daily life? What did I do wrong? - I mean I know I didn't do anything wrong - but one always wonders in the back of their head.
I guess my answers will come one day, one day, when we start to see progress.

We didn't find out if we got into the OT program because Zachary's EI coordinator hasn't gotten back with the office manager. Marla (the office manager) did say - they would be crazy not to approve him from the report that was written. I wasn't able to get copies today of either reports , but will hopefully have them in my hands on Thursday. We do now know that for right now ST will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays until Kristin can get approved for more days with Zachary.

I feel like I can breathe just a little better today. Today has been a good day in dealing with Life's Struggles!

UPDATE: Zachary's EI coordinator just called --- He was approved for OT 2 days a week for 30 minute sessions to begin with. I called and spoke with Marla - she said it would be 30 minutes to start with to see how much he can tolerate then it will go up to 60 minutes after some time. This day is only getting better ;-)


Sara Lou said...

Hey Sophie!
A Sept06 Mommy from BC (I never know if people recognize me "outside"! LOL)

Just so you know "SOMEONE" is reading!! LOL I hate when I blog & people read it, but don't comment...

I am having my ODD "adopt" your LO to pray for!!

***Here's to Progress***!

Mom Of 3 said...

Hey fellow sept 06 mommy. I also have a little one with SPD. We are currently going to OT to help with. Check out my blog.

KoriG said...

Heya babe!
So glad therapy went so well today!!
I know those nagging questions...you ready for it?
Told ya so :-)
Yeah, at his age, it's just a big ole play time...but as he gets used to her, and she used to him, you'll start to see a pattern of progression...right now, she's probably just teaching him that he'll have to attempt communication to get what he wants. Tantrums and shut downs won't work :-)
Once he starts trying more, she'll find a way to give him the tools to do so :-)
And in OT...YIPPEEEE!!!!
Oh BOY, he's gonna be one pooped out kid on Thursday!

Tjaardas in Florida said...

Hi Sophie
I also am a fellow Sept. 06 mommy and a fellow Jacksonville area resident. Your strength is amazing!! Starting your blog is a great way to track progress and help others. We just started a blog for our family that is 3000 miles away so they can stay more in touch and I also like when people comment, so here is mine.
Yay for OT! We also will pray for Zach and for your continued strength.