Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Crying, Breath Holding, Blue Child, ? Seizure....

WTH?!?!?! Can't we ever catch a break?

Last night was a very odd, very scary night for me and the kids.

Last night Zach was all out of sorts. I don't know what happened as many times I don't - Zach snaps something turns him off and he will cry. He used to be a breath holder, but I haven't seen that in sometime now.

Last night I'm really unsure of what really happened to my son.

Last night he was crying.....first it was loud, then it got quiet, then there was no noise coming out of him. He walked over to the couch where I was sitting.....he still wasn't making noise but his mouth was open and he was distraught. I tried talking to him and I'm not so sure he was hearing me. Next think I know is he was shaking and he fell to the ground as he fell he was still shaking, going down he hit is head on the coffee table. By the time his body hit the ground he was limp. It was faster for me to move him then the furniture so I grabbed him. All I remember is how limp he was in my arms head falling backwards -- he was like a rag doll. Not only was he limp he was blue.

I yelled at my daughter to call 911 but she was panicked, as was I. I hovered over Zach about to start CPR and yelling at him to be okay, tears streaming down my face.

What seemed like an eternity only lasted from start to finish about 45 seconds. He started crying (with noise), before I could even start CPR, so I scooped him up and sat on the couch with him. About 20 minutes later he seemed fine. I got up and he followed crying again. Next thing I know the same scenario was playing out in a different room and not as bad.

Was it just breath holding or was it a seizure -- I'm putting that question into the Doctors hands today.....I hope they can answer me!

Thank heaven the rest of the night went better - no more episodes. Zach was fine -- he cried for a long time and insisted on staying on my lap for awhile.

Prayers and positive thoughts would mean so much - seems my little man is still in need of them.

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Jessica said...

Oh my gosh sweetie! I am so sorry that this is happening to you and Zach. I keep praying for you all that you find your answers soon. Don't give up the hope.